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Habits of Your Clients - How Much Control do you Really Have?

When your clients shop your store, in most cases it is like tying a shoe. It is at that sub-conscience level that is habitual. Based on their needs for that particular trip, they go through the same motions day in and day out. Their brain activity and biometrics, the eye path as they shop, overall visual field, point of focus and the foot path through the store are all factors. In most cases, you have no control of what they do, but you do have control of what you provide to them?


Did you know your clients are attracted to open space [research done by Herb Sorenson, ‘Inside the Mind of a Shopper’]? This is just one of many important tips as it relates to the shoppers’ habits.


When thinking about your clients’ habits as it relates to the shopping experience, we need to make sure and understand a few things. The fixture planning, ultimate layout of your store merchandise, the shopping zones 1, 2, 3 (meaning what are they shopping for and when). What do you want to say in the retail environment, or better yet, how do you engage them while they shop? How do you entertain the client while they are deep into the shopping habit zone?


Did you know anything you do fast you can do more of than when you are slow? How does this relate to your clients Habits?


To have the best chance at effecting your clients shopping patterns (habits), you need to understand the importance of efficiency, time, and convenience within the clients shopping experience.


If you are not thinking about this as it relates to your retail store, maybe you should be. Let’s Talk!


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