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We get s* done.


This is the core of what we do.  Quick story...

A client called us in need of a fixture installer. We performed the work and the client was thrilled with success.  Same client called back for a similar scope at another location, but requested a different installer this time...  Obviously we asked why with such a great experience on the previous project.  


He stated that he hired the installer direct (whoopsie) and did not have a great experience.  What he failed to understand is that our projects are successful because of our office staff.  


We train, study scopes, prep and plan before a project starts.  Then monitor and hold accountable to expectations. He removed us from the equation, which significantly increased the likelihood of experiencing failure.


The installer arrived unprepared, not understanding the scope completely and did not have the correct tools with him.


No one was asking the right questions, planning worse case scenarios and had back-up plans in place for proactive solutions.  

We have learned to prevent fires rather than constantly fighting them.



Some of our favorites we call 'superman', another we call our 'on-site ninja'.  


We do not send supervision to all sites. But, we most certainly can. Typically we will take the lead in advising our partners whether a Site Super is necessary or not.

High profile project, a first time prototype, testing prior to a rollout, or those blurry scopes of work.  Other times we pay for our Site Supers if we are training new teams or vetting new vendors.

We take these measures to safeguard our interest and yours equally.  As a rule of thumb, every decision starts with the question "is this in the best interest for our client?".  From here, decision making is easy. 


We have several Matterport cameras spread out across the US and Canada.  


And we are fast.  We surveyed 600 locations for Petsmart in just 6 weeks time.  

If you have not seen this, we call it a 'digital twin of your space'.  


You can visit virtually and walk around as if you were in the store.  Great for pre construction to set scopes of work as a team, as well as post construction to share with other departments for their initiatives.  


These are easy for us to capture, so we price this offering low.  Yes, we're cheap when it comes to surveys. You're welcome...



We take your scans from above and create output model for plan sets.  We have some secret sauce here so we can't say or show more.  Ask us first (sorry competitors!).


This holds special significance to us so we felt it is worth mentioning.  


Yes, everyone takes photos and sends them in with a sign-off sheet.  But we look at reporting as equally important to the SOW, not as a secondary thought.  We do things 'the SKY way', and we train all of our team to understand these expectations.  From the smallest to the largest of jobs, the reporting process is the same.

One example we will share: We know the tricks to manipulate field photos.  Every element will have a left, right & center photo.  3 photos, so get ready for the PHOTO DUMP!


Don't worry, we will organize these for you as well.  We also provide online customer portals to view all projects. Nice and tidy.  



Last but not least, we have the boots on the ground. The men and women gettin' it done.  Kicking a** and taking names.  


Hats off to this dwindling breed.  At SKY, we know we are nothing without this team of amazing individuals.  


From all of America that depends on your skills and ability to roll your sleeves up - we THANK YOU!

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