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This is a form of brand communication I have used with retailers in the past, and I think very relevant in the future communication with our prospective Retailers.  I learned this listening to a podcast from Simon Sinek a few years back -- a new way to approach the marketing presentation of a company. 

I have adapted this way of thinking to a retailer’s brand platform, as well I have sectioned off the visual areas within a store and coined the terms 

 WHY from 8’-0” from floor to the ceiling

·       GLOBAL communication.

·       Pound your chest of the retailer’s brand

·       Departmental communication

·       Quality statements

·       Community connection.

 HOW from 4’-0” from floor to 8”-0”

·       PROCESS Communication

·       Tell the Retailers Compelling Story

·       Quality Standards

·       Core Values

·       Product Profiles

·       Special Services Provided.

This is usually just above a fresh service department but can be expanded into the center store areas when needed.

·       The Key: tell your story


WHAT from 4’-0” from floor and below at product level

·       Communicate either price or compelling information.


All the above is supported with décor and signage programs, the silent communicator within a store acting as a guide for the retailers employees.


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