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Trade Show Booths? YES WE CAN!

The Bear Factory – coming soon to a location near you!  Sky had a great time with this project and we are quite proud of this.  Special thanks to Joshua Cunningham, Ohio’s SUPERMAN!  This guy can DO IT ALL!  The extra hours, passion and attention to detail he put into this project is stunning.  Kudos to you, Josh, and MANY THANKS!


This project started with a napkin sketch idea and we brought it to live throughout the entire process.  Creative design and planning, to fabrication and custom crating for several trade show events.  The team thought of everything – down to the supplies the installers will need at every location and a spot in the crate for everything. 


Sky does not brag or claim to be in the trade show vertical – but something tells me this could be something to look into!  Too much success in this project to ignore, or maybe we just really are that genuine and passionate about what we do, no matter what the task is!

Up next (and stay tuned, we will post about it!).... Great Wolf Lodge! Excited to see this project come to life!


Are you ready to see how we can save you time, money and headache?  Contact one of our retail strategist:


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