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The Consumer Relationship

The relationship with the client happens before they walk in the door of your retail establishment.  You have a refined Brand platform. You understand the 3 levels of Brand Communication [Global, Process, Point of Sale].  The next most important step is to extract the information developed from that Brand platform and then apply it to the retail arena.


You create a collateral document that details the communication basis that lives within the Brand Platform, this is what we call a consumer relationship guide.  This document displays each level of the Brand, identifies what can be communicated or provided and then leverages this communication applying it to the retail space in the form of retail store operational and decor / signage programs.


This then acts as the guide for your global communication, that connection to the community. The process within your service departments -- that P.O.S. decision that is provided for your clients at product level. Most importantly it is a guide for your Retail Team within the store -- Guiding principles for them to live and work by, outlined programs for them to practice day in and day out.


The Consumer Relationship Guide helps you, the retailer, to tell your compelling story, connect to the community, be better citizens within the community, and providing solutions and opportunities to the clients that shop your store. This is one important step to the ultimate retail experience!


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