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Harry Newton as VP Business Development

One of the newest members of the SKY team, Vice President of Business Development Harry Newton, is ready to hit the ground running.

According to Harry, he's most excited about SKY’s unique ability to partner with retailers on all facets of retail design - from planning and production all the way through rollout installation and project management.

In addition to announcing his new role, Harry’s initial goal is to spread the news about SKY’s unique end-to-end capabilities and experience. He’s hoping to tour as many stores and meet with as many retailers as possible - learning more about their challenges and identifying opportunities to improve shopper experience. Harry's background in architectural design has served him well in his previous roles as a business development executive. He uses his highly valuable understanding of design to identify missed opportunities and survey issues on store walks and audits. He's motivated by the shifts in the retail market occurring right now, as shoppers respond to the ever-changing and expanding array of shopping choices and shifts in consumer buying behaviors. “Retailers need to align and integrate the online shopping experience with their brick & mortar experience to connect with shoppers when, where, and how THEY want to shop,” he says.

In addition to his site visits, Harry says he gains great insight into those shifts by simply watching how his four adult children (ranging from 22-31 years old) shop and engage. Harry remains just as active off-the-clock - hiking, fishing, boating, and playing beer league hockey. When he's not on the road, he's located in Howell, MI, right outside of Ann Arbor, where he lives in a log cabin he built with his family. "Our eldest daughter, Alexis, was married at our home this past summer," Harry added.


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