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Gen Z Trends

Gen Z has been following a lot of food trends – and these are important to note because they could help you enhance your grocery or QSR experience. When shopping, there are many things that Gen Z looks for, and when eating out, there are also characteristics that they look to find in these restaurants.

Trends for food or food hacks will go viral on social media platforms, which causes many Gen Zers to want to try these out. Some of the most popular food “trends” now are anything with spice, customizable meals, and menu hacks. Past generations did not grow up with this sudden love for spicy and bold foods – so how can you implement this into your quick service restaurant? Along with this, many people are loving new menu hacks at quick service restaurants. An example of this could be combining 2 menu items and making it into something unique – if you see these trends and add them to your menu, it could make for a great increase in sales.

Customization is also huge right now for restaurants and grocery stores that have food stations. Rather it be a juice or salad bar within your grocery store, a quick service like chipotle, or Starbucks where you can customize your own drinks, this generation loves the ability to make it their own. Adding salad and juice bars in grocery stores are a great way to allow them to have this quick customizable experience so they can grab a quick lunch, dinner or drink while shopping – the same goes for adding a Starbucks into the store.

Adding in a gen-z section with popular items, seasonal signage that caters to their wants, or even adding customization within your quick-service restaurant are all great ideas to promote these popular new trends! If you’re looking to enhance your store experience, reach out to SKY + CDS!


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