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600 Stores for PetSmart


To create a scope of work for a major store refresh, leading pet supplies retailer PetSmart employed SKY’s Matterport services to assess nearly 600 store locations. Our team began scanning sites scattered across the country in late January, quickly completing the project by the second week of March. The scans will play a vital role in PetSmart's large-scale refresh project, which involves updates to the sales floors, restrooms, employee lounges, receiving areas, and in-store service areas, such as salons, pet hotels, and veterinary clinics.

Matterport - An Essential Step

Using Matterport scanning to assess a site is essential in compiling the full scope of a multi-location project like PetSmart’s. Each scan allows the client to see the entirety of the store - generating a 360-degree view of each location in video format. In addition, Matterport develops a floor plan with each scan.

To supplement this information, PetSmart also created a questionnaire for SKY crews to fill out at each location to gather additional details. This information will help the retailer create a detailed scope of work for each location.

On the construction and remodel side of the project: Matterport will be used to define the type of work needed at each location and where it is required in-store - demo work, paint, replaced fixtures, remerchandising, etc. The company will be able to create “playbooks” for each store, creating detailed installation guides.

The Matterport Scan of a PetSmart location's interior.

Higher Results, Lower Cost

Hiring out for multi-location scanning projects such as PetSmart’s is wise logistically, but it offers access to the best technology. Allocating the staff needed to take on this project would take focus away from other business operations, incur a higher cost, and would no doubt yield a less impressive end product.

Rather than flying a team from Phoenix to New York to take 2-D photos with a camera, SKY’s Matterport services deliver a virtual tour of each location. In addition, we always provide complete Matterport files to our clients, which they can maintain on file and use for years to come.

A Long-term Asset for Store Refresh

The Matterport scanning services play a crucial role in PetSmart’s 600 store refresh, providing an overall view of each location’s interior space and services to detail every project element. The client and crews can revisit the scans at any point during the project to aid in problem-solving through design, manufacturing, construction, and installation.

In addition, clients also can create catalogs and directories directly in each scan by tagging various elements or assets. Matterport scanning is a long-term asset a client can use for multiple purposes, from equipment management to location history. Send us an email at to learn more about our scanning services and retail solutions!


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